Rule Amendment 2

Rule Amendment 2

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Dear Member,


The Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) has registered Rule Amendment 2, which is a change to the consolidated rules that apply to the EPPF. 


We’re committed to working in your best interests so we sought approval from the FSCA on three matters which now form part of Rule Amendment 2. We have discussed the matters extensively before our Board of Fund approved them. The FSCA has also recently given us the greenlight to implement the amendment. Here’s what it means for you.


Rule Amendment 2 allows for a contribution from your 13th cheque (which is optional). Here’s how you’re affected:  


In-service members in the bargaining unit

The EPPF would like to clarify there’s no provision for Bargaining Unit employees to make a pension contribution on their 13th cheques received in November each year.  


In-service members who’re in management

Rule Amendment 2 clarifies the matter of the contributions from the 13th cheques of in-service members who are in management as indicated by the employer to the Fund. The usual process that allows employees who’re in management to contribute to the pension fund from their Fixed Benefit Package in October each year remains unchanged.  


Pensioners and the calculation of the annual pension increase

The EPPF cares about the financial wellbeing of our pensioners and is acutely aware of the current economic reality. The Board of Fund has approved our request which has now been confirmed by the FSCA. The annual pension increase will be considered in line with the Consumer Price Index (CPI), and should not be less than 60% of CPI, on condition that the increase is affordable to the Fund. This means that the next pension increase, which will take effect in January 2024 and will be announced towards the end of this year, will be in line with Rule Amendment 2. 

Pensioners: what happens if the pensioner passes away shortly after retirement

Rule Amendment 2 has implications for pensioners:

  • who retire from active service and pass away within five years of retirement, and
  • are single, without children who are eligible as beneficiaries.

The rule amendment means that in this case, the remainder of the pension that would have been payable over the first five years after retirement will be paid to the late pensioner’s estate, subject to Section 37C of the Pension Funds Act. This basically means that when the pensioner passes away, there’ll be an investigation to determine if they had beneficiaries.  


The above changes were approved on 19 January 2023 and are effective from that date.

Click here to read the EPPF’s Consolidated Fund Rules and Rule Amendments 


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The EPPF team

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