Member Update: Expect an email or call to rate our service over the last year

Member Update: Expect an email or call to rate our service over the last year

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Dear Members and Pensioners

In August last year, we rolled out our Member and Pensioner Satisfaction Survey to find out how we could serve you better. We have worked hard to understand where we could improve and spent much of this year making those improvements. 


What we did to improve the service we provide you

We brought back more in-person and online member and pensioner engagement sessions as it was important for us to hear directly from you. These engagement sessions also allowed us to explain information that was relevant to you.


We increased the number of agents in our call centre to improve the response times and to improve the service that we provide you when you give us a call.


We started a process to communicate more frequently with you and to provide you with information via email and text. It was important to us to reach out, so we had your most updated contact details. We ran a campaign earlier this year where we requested that you update your contact information. 

We improved our digital communication so you can now reach us on various channels, including WhatsApp and via our Mobile App. 


We have also improved our standing as a thought leader in pension fund administration. Here’s a short video from some of our beloved pensioners and in-service members.


It’s time for us to understand how you experienced us over the last year

We need you to please rate our service to you over the last year. That’s why we’ve appointed BMI-TechKnowledge to conduct this year’s survey for us. BMI-TechKnowledge, or BMI-T for short, is a reputable and professional market research consultancy with years of experience in the field of customer satisfaction research. 


What to expect from BMI-T

The BMI-T team will conduct the survey from 28 July 2023 until 25 August 2023. 


Researchers from BMI-T’s team will contact a sample of you telephonically to conduct the survey or schedule an appointment for a telephonic interview that will take no more than 12 minutes of your time. There is also an option to do an online self-complete survey from a secure link that you will receive from via the SurveyMonkey platform.


The survey is confidential 
Should you choose to take the survey; you’ll be requested to provide your unique or pensioner number. This is so BMI-T can authenticate that you are a member or pensioner of the EPPF. BMI-T will not provide us with your details when giving us survey feedback. Instead, we will receive a report on how you rated us based on your experience with us over the last year. 
BMI-T is a member of the Southern African Marketing Research Association and abides by a strict code of conduct that includes compliance to the Protection of Personal Information Act as well as survey ethics.


What to do if you have queries
If you have a question for the EPPF, you can also send an email to

If you’re based in South Africa, you can also call the toll-free number 0800 11 45 48. 

Kind regards
The EPPF Team

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