Member Update July 2023 - EPPF Goes Virtual

Member Update July 2023 - EPPF Goes Virtual

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Dear In-Service Members, Deferred Members and Pensioners,


I hope that you’re warm and well.


It’s so hard to believe that three years ago, we were in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. It forced people everywhere to find electronic means of keeping in touch. As you know the EPPF managed to support you effectively and with care throughout this time. Part of that care has seen us looking at how we can get services to you most efficiently. One of those components is correspondence with you via traditional mail using the post office. 


Given the challenges with sending mail through the post, we have decided to communicate with you via electronic means instead. It’s the way the world has moved over the past few years and it ensures we’re able to get information to you timeously and cost-effectively. This means that instead of getting mail from us in your physical post box, we’ll now send you important information directly to your email. This will also mean you don’t have to search for your physical documents from us. All you’ll need to do is look in your inbox. It’s that convenient.


You’re always welcome to visit us in-person

Remember, you’re always welcome to visit us in-person at our Head Office or regional offices and that’s not going to change so click here for the contact details for our various regions.


Spread the word so everyone can benefit from us sending communication directly

What we’d like your assistance with is spreading the word that we’ll be sending you correspondence in a more efficient way. If a friend or family member only gets correspondence from us in their physical post box, they’re welcome to send us their email information so we can update their contact record. We’ll need their full names and contact information to be sent to


Various other ways to have your information at your fingertips

  • You can also access information via our member portal, which you can access on If you have already registered on our EPPF Member Portal but need to reset your password, send an email to and the team will assist you.
  • There’s our mobile app which is available on iOS or Android.
  • You can WhatsApp us by texting “Hi” to 072 741 7774.
  • You can use your USSD option. Simply dial *120*1037# and follow the prompts.

You can call or email us too

  • You can phone us toll-free during office hours on 0800 11 45 48 or email us at

And as part of caring for you, we want to advise you to take cyber security seriously
As technology advances, we encourage you to become more aware of cyber security. There are various ways that criminals try to get you to part with your information in order to hack into your account, whether these are social media accounts or bank accounts. 


A common example is when you’re sent a phishing email that requires you to click on a link and then type in confidential information like your bank account pin. You’re encouraged to look out for common warning signs including:

  • Poor spelling and grammar, as well as an email address that’s incorrect,
  • If you receive a call from someone asking you for your banking pin, and
  • If you receive an email that demands immediate action where you have to give out confidential information.

When it comes to EPPF, if you’re unsure if an email or text message has come from us, all you need to do is phone or email us to verify.


Kind regards

Joey Sankar 
Executive: Pension Administration

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