Coming Soon: EPPF’s Official Facebook Group

Coming Soon: EPPF’s Official Facebook Group

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Dear Members and Pensioners


Your feedback has always been invaluable to EPPF. Based on your ongoing engagement with us, we know that there’s been a growing need to extend our service channels to include Facebook. That’s why we’re thrilled to let you know that EPPF’s official Facebook group will launch in November 2023. 


Our goal is to enhance your experience by giving you timely updates, gathering insights from you, and creating a supportive online community. 

Though we are excited to open a new channel of engagement with you, the Facebook group will not be a replacement for the Call Centre and our other digital channels. Instead, we aim to: 

  • Answer general questions that would benefit other members of the group
  • Help you to navigate our digital self-service channels
  • Give you real-time updates on EPPF events and public engagements
  • Provide a platform where you can engage with other members.

We will send you more information when we launch in November, along with a secure link to join the group. While some EPPF members may receive the link to join sooner than others, rest assured that we will roll out the invitations to everyone in due time. 


We look forward to connecting with you.


Kind regards

The EPPF Team

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