2021 Tax Certificate re-issue

2021 Tax Certificate re-issue

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Dear Pensioner,

The Eskom Pension and Provident Fund ("the Fund") distributed your electronic tax certificate for the 2021 Tax Year on 1 July 2021.


 Due to challenges experienced during the production of the certificates, the documents need to be re-issued with corrections.

To allay your concerns regarding the re-issuing of the certificates, we have answered some questions on what happened and how to proceed with your tax submission.

What happened?

Due to the multiple bonuses paid during the tax year, the bonus earnings were deducted twice from the income accumulations. This resulted in the pension total being understated, which is misaligned to the tax accumulations reflected. This incident happened during the production of the tax certificates.

The incorrect certificates have been removed from the member portal and replaced with the rectified tax certificates which are currently live on the member portal. The certificates have also been re-issued to SARS and they have the updated documentation.

How will the rectified tax certificates be distributed?

The rectified tax certificates will be distributed as below:

·       Via email

·       Via the EPPF member portal

·       Via post (for pensioners without email addresses)

What should pensioners do if they have already filed their tax returns and been assessed by SARS?

If a pensioner has already filed their tax return and been assessed by SARS, they need to log on to their eFiling profile and select Returns History. On this page, they will need to open their 2021 submission, click on “Request a correction” and refresh in order to file the rectified tax certificate (see screenshot below).


What should pensioners do if they have already received refunds from SARS?

In the case that a pensioner has already received a refund from SARS, they can email tax@eppf.co.za for assistance.

Contact us

If you have any enquiries, please contact the Fund Call Centre either by emailing info@eppf.co.za or calling our toll-free number on 0800 11 45 48.




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