Update: Unauthorised Debit Orders

Update: Unauthorised Debit Orders

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There have been some developments with regards to the unauthorised debit orders that affected some EPPF Pensioners around 31 May 2017.


 The EPPF was awaiting feedback from all stakeholders to ensure that we can provide our members with more accurate and consolidated feedback.

Our last update on the matter, sent out on 20 July 2017, advised that the Fund was investigating the matter as the issue of how the debit order company could have obtained the banking details of our members is of great concern to us. We have taken further steps regarding this issue as set out below:

The Fund conducted an internal investigation to check whether the bank accounts from which the unauthorised debit orders were made could have originated from within the Fund. There was no evidence to suggest that the Fund was involved either in the (a) authorisation of the debit orders or (b) the leaking of Pensioner’s confidential details, including banking details. The investigation conducted by a reputable external service provider analysed the Fund outgoing emails, file downloads and any other communication and content containing pensioner details going back to 2016. Since the incident, we continue to monitor to see if there is any unusual or high risk behaviour from any user/s regarding members and pensioner’s personal information – to date, nothing untoward has been detected. The EPPF takes seriously the responsibility to protect all our members’ information and have security measures to ensure the protection of your personal information.

As per our previous communication, we have reported the matter to the SAPS and advised pensioners to open criminal cases should they have experienced unauthorised debit orders effected in their bank accounts. The Fund has made itself available to assist the SAPS.


  1. The matter has also been reported to the Payment Association of South Africa, who is investigating and has indicated that they have blacklisted the company from which the debit orders originated.

We hope that the information provided is in order and would like to again assure you that we take the responsibility of protecting all our members’ information very seriously.

If you have any further concerns, please feel free to contact the EPPF and we will gladly assist.

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