Please expect an email or call to rate EPPF’s service over the last year

Please expect an email or call to rate EPPF’s service over the last year

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Dear Members


Caring for our members is what drives EPPF as an organisation. It’s at the heart of everything we do. Every year, we seek to do better than the previous year. And we’re grateful that you have acknowledged this in feedback during our annual surveys. We take what you tell us seriously and put it into action to improve our service. Last August, we asked for your feedback in our Member and Pensioner Satisfaction Survey and have used that information to make improvements to our service to you. Now, EPPF is conducting a shorter follow-up survey to track the progress that has been made. Once again, by completing the survey you will be added to a weekly prize draw. 


We gave you more of what you requested when it comes to serving you

As the world moved on from the pandemic, you told us you preferred more in-person engagement sessions. We improved on this service since August last year and we also catered for those members who preferred to engage with us online. 


We brought in more service agents so that we could improve our response times to you in our call centre. We’re also able to address you in the South African language of your choice when you phone us.


When it came to emails and text messages, we acknowledged some of our members prefer this type of communication and we worked hard to ensure that we updated your contact information so we could reach as many of you as possible. However, all our members are equally important so we ensured our teams went to the regions and to Eskom sites in order to meet members face-to-face. 


We ran a campaign that came to you via email or text message to tell you about how to reach us on our various channels of communication: you'll find all our contact options here. You can reach us in-person, online and via our Mobile App. There’s also EPPF’s Member Portal. Currently, you can use the WhatsApp Chatbot or ask to speak to a call centre agent via WhatsApp. Soon, we’ll enhance WhatsApp so we can tell you about important developments. And, as always, how you feel underscores what we do. There’s functionality to opt-out of WhatsApp communication if you prefer us to reach you through any of our other channels.


Pensioners asked for a Facebook group to resolve general queries and for us to be able to keep them informed about what is happening at the Fund. We rolled out this Facebook group over the past few months and if you’re a pensioner who’d like to join, please use this link. We intend rolling out a general Facebook page for all members over the coming months.


We’re also mindful that our in-service members, in particular, are on-the-go, and may not have time to go through lengthy bits of information. That’s why we aim to provide information to you in easy-to-understand and bite-sized chunks. Take the incoming Two-Pot Retirement System for example. We’ve sent information to in-service members that included a question-and-answer format. You can read it here. And for those who prefer visual communication, we’ve just issued the first of a series of Two-Pot Retirement System explainer videos. You can view our first Two-Pot video here.


It’s time for you to give us your feedback through this year’s survey 

BMI-TechKnowledge, or BMIT for short, will independently carry out this year’s survey for us. BMIT is a reputable and professional market research consultancy with years of experience in the field of customer satisfaction research. The BMIT team will conduct the survey for us from 4 June 2024 to 28 June 2024. 


Researchers will contact a sample of you telephonically to conduct the survey or schedule an appointment for a telephonic interview. You mentioned last year that you’d prefer a shorter survey. That’s why this year the survey will take no more than 10 minutes of your time. You can also complete the survey online via a secure link that you will receive on the SurveyMonkey platform. The email to complete the survey online will come to you from the address: 


It is important to understand that the survey is confidential 
Should you choose to take the survey; you’ll be requested to provide your unique membership or pensioner number. This is so BMIT can authenticate that you are a member or pensioner of EPPF. BMIT will not provide us with your details or your individual answers when giving us survey feedback unless you give permission. Instead, we will receive a report with the overall scores on how you rated us based on your experience with us over the last year. 


BMIT is a member of the Southern African Marketing Research Association and abides by a strict code of conduct that includes compliance to the Protection of Personal Information Act, as well as survey ethics.


What to do if you have queries

  • If you’re based in South Africa, you can call the toll-free number 0800 11 45 48.
  • If you’re based outside South Africa, you can call us on +27 10 013 3366 during SA business hours.
  • You can also email us via

Kind regards
The EPPF Team

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