Pensioners outside of South Africa: Your Annual Evidence of Survival Form is required for you to continue to receive your benefit

Pensioners outside of South Africa: Your Annual Evidence of Survival Form is required for you to continue to receive your benefit

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Dear pensioners 

As part of being a caring pension provider, we are responsible with how we pay benefits. Part of that responsibility means that if you live outside South Africa, you need to provide us with evidence of your existence once a year. We need your Evidence of Survival (EoS) form and it is required by law in order for us to continue paying benefits.


There are two ways to provide this information to us: 


  1. An electronic form is available on the EPPF Member Portal.
  2. We’ve attached a form that you can download and then complete, scan and email back to the Fund 


Deadline for submitting your proof 

We must receive your proof by 16 September 2024. If we do not receive the proof by this date, we will suspend your pension payments from 1 October 2024 until we receive the proof.  


  1. How to give proof on the member portal 


  1. How to send us your proof by email (if you cannot do it on the member portal) 
  • Click here to download and print out the Evidence of Survival form.  
  • Complete the form. 
  • Take the form and your identity document or your passport to a Commissioner of Oaths (at a police station or a bank) to have the form stamped and certified. If a Commissioner of Oaths is not close by, you can get an Affirming Authority stamp. Affirming Authorities include lawyers, notaries public, actuaries, accountants (who are members of a recognised professional body), members of the judiciary, directors, managers or company secretaries of a bank, or regulated financial services business.  
  • Make sure all pages include your signature.  
  • Please ensure your documents are no bigger than 5MB and they must be in PDF format.  
  • Email a copy of the completed form as well as a certified copy of your ID or passport to


When to expect a reply
Once you send us all the required documents, there’s nothing else for you to do. We will confirm that we have received your documents and that everything is in order within 14 days of receiving the information. If there’s anything else we require from you, we will let you know. 


Important information for widows, widowers, guardians of minor children who receive a pension (including children who are disabled)  

Each person in the household who receives a pension from the EPPF must submit their Evidence of Survival form. In the case of a minor or disabled child, the guardian must submit an Evidence of Survival form on their behalf.


Protecting your personal information 

It is our responsibility to ensure that we process personal information lawfully according to the Protection of Personal Information Act. As a registered pension fund, we also have third-party service providers who process your personal information on our behalf. We have agreements with these third-party service providers to ensure that they process your personal information according to the law.  


Please contact us if you have any questions 

If you have any questions, we are here to help. You can email 


Kind regards
The EPPF Team

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