EPPF Message from the Chief Executive and Principal Officer

EPPF Message from the Chief Executive and Principal Officer

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Dear Member/Pensioner,

As we draw deeper into the Winter, and having completed my first full month as Chief Executive and Principal Officer of the EPPF, I wish to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude for the overwhelming messages of support from you, the Fund’s most important stakeholder.


 I look forward to connecting with you in the near future as we consolidate and then strengthen our relationship. On behalf of the EPPF team, we look forward to this journey.

A journey in which we commit ourselves to delivering on our primary purpose as a fund, which is to “help our members prepare for a better financial future.” A purpose premised on a culture of service, trust, care, empathy, and excellence.

As you may already know, prior to my current appointment, I was the Fund’s Chief Financial Officer from 2018. Since joining the Fund, my colleagues and I have been working hard to secure the future success of the Fund. This commitment remains, with intensified effort. As the executive team and staff, supported by our Board, we continue to work tirelessly to ensure our future sustainability.

Our vision is “to be a sustainable and trusted retirement savings provider; positively impacting a change in society”. This speaks to our commitment to serve our members loyally and diligently, while at the same time taking up our leadership role within the industry, and society at large, to effect a positive change.

In my new role, I, together with my team at the EPPF, aim to sharpen our focus on our relationship with you, the member, as well as the value we deliver to you. Of importance is how we communicate and engage with you, as well as how our investment and operational activities respond to your needs in a timely, efficient, effective and empathetic way. You can certainly expect to hear from the EPPF executive team on a more regular basis concerning matters that are important to you. This includes information on our investment performance, regulatory updates, and the Fund’s views on industry developments, amongst others.

In March, the EPPF launched its new values to employees which is a pledge to care about our stakeholders, especially our members. These values, which spell out the word C.A.R.E. represent Customer-centric focus, Accountability, Resourcefulness and Excellence.  When we C.A.R.E., our members will experience it in how we respond to their needs, take responsibility, find solutions, and deliver our very best.

As a fund, we have a renewed focus on delivering on our mandate. That means continuously taking on issues that affect our members and being determined and resolute in ensuring that the necessary solutions are implemented.  As the executive team, we will do our best to be leaders that serve our members  with integrity, reliability, loyalty and transparency, now and into the future.

You, our members, are the primary reason the EPPF exists. Your continuous participation, interest and engagement is a vital part of what makes this organisation great, and has ensured its success over the past 71 years. I would like to invite and encourage you to continue engaging with us and sharing your views. Please do not hesitate to contact the Fund via our Call Centre on info@eppf.co.za and 0800 11 45 48 or your designated Retirement Fund Consultants.

You can also contact my office by emailing CE@eppf.co.za.  I am truly looking forward to open and fruitful engagements with you.


Shafeeq Abrahams

Chief Executive and Principal Officer Eskom Pension and Provident Fund

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