EPPF and Global ASP matter

EPPF and Global ASP matter

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Global ASP is the current systems provider to EPPF, providing the core administration, data and accounting systems to EPPF (Pension Administration System) under an 8-year contract which expires on 30 April 2020.


 As part of the contract termination process, both parties engaged in a process whereby Global ASP as outgoing service provider, would hand over to EPPF, all customer data and transactions as had accumulated over the course of the administration service.


EPPF began an open tender process in 2019, in order to appoint a new service provider to take over the Pension Administration System at the end of the term of the Global ASP contract. The EPPF has in fact now appointed a new service provider.


The dispute with Global ASP arose as a result of parties not reaching consensus on the transfer and extraction of member and pensioner data, or the format in which that data transfer was to be effected. The parties have now worked through a number of the anomalies and this now renders  the urgent court application superfluous.


The parties remain in communication and continue to work to resolve any further anomalies as they arise. Both parties are mindful of the looming end date of 30 April 2020 and are working fervently to resolve any outstanding matters, as well as the transition process to the new service provider.

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