‚ÄčIn order to achieve our investment objective, we implement our investment strategy largely through a multi-manager arrangement. Value is further added through investment activities performed in-house by the Investment Management Unit (IMU), which is the investment management and operating arm of the EPPF.

We have adopted a "Core/Satellite" approach to structuring the listed asset class mandates (domestic and international). Portfolio mandates are specialised along the lines of asset classes. , This is further refined by selecting the best "Core" and best "Satellite/Aggressive" equity and bond managers.

The IMU manages cash/money market management, listed bonds, listed equities, listed properties, tactical assets allocation and other value-added strategies.

The strategic asset allocation is reviewed by the Strategic Investments Committee and approved by the Board of Trustees, after considering advice and recommendations by the IMU. Other investment-related third party service providers are involved as required.