The EPPF provides retirement, withdrawal, death and disability benefits to members, pensioners and their dependants.​

In-service members

All permanent employees of Eskom and all its subsidiaries and of any other participating employer in the Fund who are younger than 65 years qualify for membership of the EPPF.​

The majority of the in-service members of the EPPF contribute a monthly, fixed percentage equal to 7.3% of their pensionable salary to the EPPF. The employer also contributes 13.5% of each in-service member's pensionable salary towards the pension scheme.

Members have the option to make additional contributions to their pension to increase the value of their pension benefits.

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Deferred Pensioners

All in-service members who exit the EPPF may choose to leave a portion or their whole benefit in the EPPF's Deferred Pension Scheme until retirement and become deferred pensioners of the EPPF.​

Deferred pensioners may retire from the Deferred Pension Scheme and access their benefit from age 55 years and must retire from the Deferred Pension Scheme by age 65 years.

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Pensioners and Beneficiaries

When in-service members retire from the EPPF and start to draw a pension from the EPPF, they become pensioners of the EPPF.​

Widows, widowers and qualifying children of deceased members and pensioners in receipt of a pension from the EPPF are beneficiaries of the EPPF.​

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*Pensioners includes retirees and beneficiaries​​​​