The Formula for Success our organisational DNA, which defines the organisational culture and values by which we operate. We launched our Formula for Success with all staff members in August 2013.

The Formula has been defined through a collaborative, participative process by the staff at EPPF. Through this process, staff collectively worked to discover our core inspirational DNA, which now defines our culture, strategy, identity, differentiators, people qualities and how we deliver on our strategic objectives to our internal and external clients to maximise our success for the years to come.

The Formula responds to the following questions in order to define our blueprint for success:

  • What do we stand for as EPPF? 

  • How do we streamline and simplify our services in order to "wow" our internal and external customers? 

  • How do we provide truly superior experiences?  

  • What drives our business positively? 

  • What inhibits our success? 

The Formula has been visually expressed in artwork which is displayed in galleries at the EPPF head office. The gallery is presented as a visual mathematical formula comprising "top liners", which articulate the values and habits which we strive to do more of, and "bottom liners" which articulate habits to be avoided in order to achieve our Formula for Success.​

man.png team.png zulu.png coins.png  do.png lady.png duck.png sailor.png 


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values.png ​ ​​​​