​The EPPF is governed by a Board of Trustees, which provides strategic guidance on the management of the EPPF. The Audit and Risk Committee, Human Resources and Remuneration Committee, Benefits Committee, and the Strategic Investment Committee are subcommittees reporting to the Board of Trustees. Trustees are elected every four years and are responsible for the efficient running of the EPPF. 

The Board of Trustees comprises the following:
  • Seven Trustees appointed by the Principal Employer, Eskom SOC Holdings Limited;

  • Two Trustees elected by pensioners;

  • Two Trustees elected by non-d in-service members;

  • Three Trustees ele​cted by unionised in-service ​members belonging to trade unions NUM, NUMSA and Solidarity.

The day to day management of the EPPF is delegated by the Trustees to the Executive Management, which is led by the Chief Executive, who is also the Principal Officer of the EPPF. ​​